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October 2019 Newsletter

October 23rd 2019

In the October 2019 issue of our email newsletter we look at changes to employer-assisted temporary work visas being rolled out between now and 2021, perfo...

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Getting sorted for work Christmas parties

October 21st 2019

If you're an employer, you have responsibilities for your staff (and potentially clients) at work Christmas functions.

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Changes to employer-assisted temporary work visas being rolled out between now and 2021

October 18th 2019

Between now and 2021, the Government are making changes to the way employers recruit foreign workers. The changes aim to improve the temporary work visa sy...

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April Newsletter

April 29th 2019

Our latest newsletter covers information on oral fluid (drug) testing, probationary periods, recruiting and retaining staff, and work trials.  Further Empl...

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February Newsletter

February 20th 2019

Our first newsletter of 2019 is packed with exciting information: we introduce a new team member, Lance Peterson and introduce independent Mediation Servic...

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Using external investigators for serious complaint investigations

February 4th 2019

As employers, there may be times when you need to investigate serious issues, such as misconduct, serious misconduct or allegations/complaints of bullying ...

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Payday Filing Update

January 29th 2019

Changes are afoot regarding Payday Filing.  Effective 01 April 2019, Payday filing will be compulsory. Here are the key points that you need to know: Payda...

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'Nipping it in the bud' conversations

December 14th 2018

To find out more about how to have some of those conversations with your employees that might be a little uncomfortable, such as often being late for work,...

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What's up for 2019 - The Employment Relations Act

December 12th 2018

We’ve all been watching as the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2018 progressed through the Select Committee and Parliamentary processes.  The Bill has n...

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December Newsletter

December 4th 2018

Christmas is nearly here and this is our last newsletter for 2018. We'll continue to post articles and blogs of interest here and on our Facebook, LinkedIn...

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Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2018

November 23rd 2018

Wow, what a night!  A huge congratulations to all the finalists and winners at this year’s Pan Pac Awards.  We know how hard you’ve worked to achieve that ...

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Xmas Closedowns

November 21st 2018

Xmas Closedowns Well, Xmas is rapidly approaching with only 4 more full working weeks to go.  If you are planning a Xmas closedown period, now is the time ...

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October Newsletter

October 18th 2018

For the latest news and updates from us, with links to videos from presentations from Grow HR team members, please take a look at our October Newsletter.  ...

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August Newsletter

September 28th 2018

Our August newsletter takes a look at employment law updates, question of month, general news and business partner updates.  If you would like further info...

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September 28th 2018

If you missed out on our client session run by Kerry Goldfinch, Growing Business Performance Through Your People, you can view it here.  If you would like ...

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Update on the Employment Relations Amendment Bill

September 27th 2018

The Employment Relations Amendment Bill has attracted significant interest since the Coalition Government announced their agenda to review current employme...

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90 Day Trials - 20 or more staff, what next?

September 6th 2018

We all wait in anticipation as it is now only a day from the Select Committee reporting back on a bill to bring an end to the current 90-day trial period, ...

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Salary Payments & Minimum Wage

September 4th 2018

Salary Payments and Minimum Wage – A Word of CautionAre you meeting your obligations to pay salaried staff at least the minimum wage?This is a hot topic in...

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You're Fired! - Terminating an employee

July 31st 2018

So, you have an employee who is not performing/meeting expectations/not the right fit, there may be many reasons…..what do you, or can you, do about it?  W...

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Time and Leave Records

July 13th 2018

Current legislation requires that employers keep complete and accurate records of all time, leave, wages, employment agreements, etc.  So, what exactly do ...

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