Gallup Report: Could 'quiet quitters' could be your company’s best asset?

According to Gallup's 2023 State of the Australian and New Zealand Workplace report, 20% of employees in the region are ‘thriving at work’, while a concerning 67% are ‘quiet quitters’ – burnt out, minimally productive and psychologically disengaged from their work.

Sound shocking? It kind of is - if the data is to be believed, then more than half of the working population are merely filling a seat and watching the clock, sitting around waiting for Godot. As an employer, that’s bad news for productivity, with low engagement set to cost the New Zealand economy NZ$36.5 billion (a whopping 9% of GDP). And retention isn’t looking too rosy either - according to the report, 43% of employees are either passively or actively job-hunting; a figure likely to have been influenced by a growing increase in the perception of job opportunities elsewhere.


But look beneath the surface, and all is not lost – the middle ground between underperforming and overperforming is a fertile bed, water it and watch what grows. Quiet-quitters are neither the angriest nor unhappiest workers. They are doing work, but they aren’t thriving at work. They fill a seat, but they take no ownership or responsibility in outcomes. These individuals may have much to offer, but are stuck in a state of perpetual waiting, not quite motivated enough to quit, nor motivated enough to succeed. The right intervention from an effective leader could transform their outlook, rekindling their motivation and ultimately, unlocking their full potential. And therein lies the front-page headline:

70% of team engagement is attributable to effective leadership, meaning these workers are winnable if they have a manager who knows how to motivate them.

“The best managers provide frequent, meaningful feedback that is individualized to each worker. They clarify expectations, recognize excellence and explain how individual work connects to the organization’s mission. They understand their team members as people, with talents, opinions and lives outside of the workplace. They provide a consistent, supportive team environment that enables long-term productivity and growth”.

Equipping leaders with the skills to build trusting relationships with employees and the tools and resources to conduct conversations about what they want out of work and how that aligns with the company’s purpose, we can create more engaged teams, in turn creating a positive, fulfilling, and productive work environment.

If quiet quitting is impacting your bottom line, we can help. Get in touch with Team to discuss strategies that could help with engagement in your business.